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Online Music Lessons Loved by Families Nationwide


YMU Music Essentials is YMU's core self-paced music curriculum used for music instruction for students ages 4-18. Our progressive curriculum provides students with opportunities to learn through sight-reading, ear training, music theory, music history, technique, transcription, collaboration, arranging, discovery, composition, improvisation, production, and performance.

Learn more about the benefits of enrolling your child in YMU!



Ages 4-6

Little Music Essentials - Piano


Ages 7-18

Worship Drum Essentials


Ages 7-18

YMU Piano Essentials


Ages 7-18

Worship Guitar Essentials


Ages 7-18

Worship Piano Essentials


Ages 15-18

Music Journlism Essentials

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YMU Essentials Book Covers (1).png

The YMU Advantage is our carefully crafted music education ecosystem that provides our students with the tools and resources that support YMU's five foundational elements: Learn, Explore, Create, Share and Connect.

As a YMU Student, your child will be able to attend clinics, workshops, and other special events held in our YMU Performance Center, Symphony Hall, or Crescendo Lounge. They will also be able to share their work with YMU Play and much more! These elements shape the culture of YMU as our students develop a firm musical foundation that will last a lifetime. 

So whether your child is exploring the YMU Lab, participating in a collaborative project through our internship program, creating music in our online recording studio, participating in a virtual field trip, or improving their musicianship through music instruction, at The Young Musician’s University, your child will thrive and discover their passion for music!

  • What is YMU's mission?
    Our Mission at YMU is to help close the gap in youth access to music education and music technology by providing opportunities for students across the nation between the ages of 4-18 to access high-quality online music education at a fraction of the cost of traditional music lessons.
  • What advantages will my child have by learning at The Young Musician’s University?
    The Young Musician’s University offers advantages such as: Flexibility: Learn at your own pace, fitting music education into your busy schedule. Quality Instruction: Access high-quality self-paced music courses designed for kids and teens. Interactive Learning: Engaging lessons and resources make music education enjoyable. Family Convenience: Study from the comfort of home, with tools for parents to track progress. Exciting Events: Participate in YMU Live workshops, clinics, and recitals to showcase talents.
  • Can I get additional help for my child's music course?
    Absolutely! At The Young Musician’s University (YMU), we offer 1:1 live coaching sessions with our skilled YMU Instructors for an extra layer of support. These private 30-minute sessions can be scheduled whenever your child needs additional help or guidance in their course. For the convenience of our students, these sessions are available for $52.50 per session. It's a great way to enhance their learning experience and address any specific questions or challenges they may have. This is also a great option for students preparing for a music competition, scholarship audition or performance.
  • What elective areas do you offer?
    In addition to offering our core instrument classes we also offer the following elective areas. Explore our Campus for more information!
  • Does my child need to have an instrument in order to be a member of YMU?
    Only students enrolled in an instrument class are required to have the instrument at home. Parents can also rent most instruments through our rental affiliate below.
  • Does my child need any prior musical experience to enroll in YMU?
    No prior musical experience is necessary to enroll in The Young Musician's University. Our programs are designed for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced between the ages of 4-18.
  • My child is already taking music lessons outside of YMU. Can they still enroll in YMU courses?
    Absolutely! Enrolling in YMU courses can be a fantastic complement to your child's existing music education. Our self-paced courses are designed to be flexible and accommodating, allowing students to seamlessly integrate them into their current learning routine. Plus, YMU offers a wide range of courses, electives, and resources that can enhance your child's musical journey and provide valuable supplementary education. Many of our students find that the combination of traditional lessons and YMU courses offers a well-rounded and enriching musical education.
  • Do students have opportunities to perform?
    Throughout the year, students can participate in YMU Play to showcases their talent. We encourage students to also perform locally, gaining valuable experience and confidence. Additionally, we host two major virtual student showcases annually: the Winter Music Celebration in December and our Annual Music Celebration in May. These events are fantastic opportunities for students to shine and share their musical achievements with a broader audience. It's all about nurturing and celebrating their talents!
  • What equipment or materials will my child need to begin taking classes at YMU?
    Depending on the course, your child will need the relevant musical instrument. For example, if they're learning the piano, having a piano or keyboard is essential. Some courses may require specific books or materials. You'll receive information and recommendations on where you can order your child's book. YMU's platform is accessible on various devices, including computers and tablets. Make sure your child has access to one of these devices for their lessons. If you request a live 1:1 coaching session your child will need some headphones, a reliable internet connection, a Chromebook, computer or tablet with an internal or external microphone and camera along with their instrument. We recommend a tripod with a tablet or phone holder for stability. Some classes may also require the purchase of method books by the instructor. Most importantly, your child should bring their passion and enthusiasm for music to every lesson!
  • How can I help support my child's musical development at home?
    At YMU we value parental support and involvement. You can support your child's musical development at home in several ways: Supporting your child's musical development at home is a wonderful way to nurture their passion for music. Here are some tips to help you get started: 1. **Create a Musical Environment**: Make music a part of your daily life. Play different genres of music at home, attend live performances, and encourage your child to explore various musical styles. 2. **Provide Access to Instruments**: If your child is learning to play an instrument, ensure they have easy access to it. Keep the instrument in a dedicated practice area that's free from distractions. 3. **Encourage Regular Practice**: Establish a practice routine. Encourage your child to practice daily, even if it's just for a short duration. Consistent practice is key to improvement. 4. **Set Realistic Goals**: Help your child set achievable musical goals. Whether it's mastering a specific piece or improving their technique, having clear objectives can boost motivation. 5. **Encourage Performance Participation**: Encourage your child to participate in performances. Performing for family and friends is an excelent way to build self-confidence. 6. **Foster Creativity**: Encourage your child to compose their music or write songs. Creativity is an essential part of musical development. 7. **Listen Actively**: When your child practices or performs, actively listen to their music. Offer constructive feedback and praise their efforts. 8. **Provide Learning Resources**: Invest in music books, sheet music, and educational materials that align with their interests and skill level. 9. **Explore Music Theory**: If your child is interested, introduce them to music theory. Understanding the fundamentals of music theory can enhance their overall musical knowledge. 10. **Support Their Passion**: Be patient and supportive. Music can be challenging at times, but your encouragement and understanding will motivate your child to persevere. 11. **Expose Them to Diverse Music**: Encourage your child to explore various musical genres and cultures. Broadening their musical horizons can inspire creativity. 12. **Embrace Technology**: Take advantage of music-related apps and software that can aid in learning, practicing, and recording music. 13. **Celebrate Achievements**: Celebrate your child's musical achievements, whether big or small. Acknowledging their hard work can boost their confidence. 14. **Be Patient**: Understand that musical development takes time. Your child may face challenges along the way, but with your support and patience, they can overcome them.
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