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YMU Records is a student-run record label working with and featuring YMU Students. Participants learn about the music industry and what it takes to be a recording artist and thrive in the music business.

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Music Industry Elective Curriculum Includes

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Skills Students Learn

Students participating in YMU Records learn a broad range of skills that can be applied to many different careers within the music industry or beyond.

Ages: 7-18

Creative Skills

Students learn about creative aspects, such as artist management, music publishing, events, touring, merchandising, and branding. These areas involve creativity and design, as well as effective communication and collaboration skills.

Technical Skills

Students learn technical skills, such as music production, sound engineering, and graphic design. These skills can be useful for students who want to pursue careers in music production or design.

Marketing Skills

With a focus on digital marketing and social media, students learn how to create effective marketing campaigns, build a brand, and engage with fans.

Business Skills

Students learn about business models, contracts, legal considerations, licensing, revenue streams, and more, providing them with a solid understanding of the business side of the music industry.


Introduction to the Music Industry

  • What is the music industry

  • The role of record labels in the music industry

Record Label Structure

  • Roles within a record label

  • The responsibilities of each role

Artist Development

  • Discovering and signing artists

  • Producing and releasing music

  • Promoting and marketing the artist

Marketing and Promotion

  • Public relations

  • Branding

  • Creating Artist Merch

  • Designing Album Art

Music Production Basics

  • Songwriting and composition

  • Recording and production techniques

  • Mixing and mastering

These are just some of the elements your child can experience in YMU Records!

YMU Records provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the music industry, covering both the creative and business aspects. Students gain the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the music industry or related fields, such as artist management, music publishing, marketing, and event management. Additionally, students will learn about the latest trends, technologies, and opportunities in the music industry, which can help them stay ahead of the curve and identify new opportunities for growth and innovation. 

YMU gave David important foundational skills in all instruments. His mom and I were aware of his fascination to play piano. But it was with YMU where David first sang publicly, which showed us his singing voice and his love of live performance. While enrolled at YMU, David picked up his first drumsticks, bass guitar, and electric guitar, setting the stage for years of education at YMU and elsewhere on all of those instruments, as well as several others. It is safe to say that without The Young Musician's University, much of David's potential would not have been identified and he would not be the musician he is today.

Dean, YMU Parent

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