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YMU Educational Partners

YMU Educational Partners are made up of businesses, organizations, and individuals that collaborate with YMU to provide support, resources, or services that enhance the educational learning experience for our students.

Meet our Educational Partners!

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The Young Musician's University is a vibrant online learning community committed to providing students with the support to realize their potential, passion, and love for music and the arts. We are always looking for innovative ways to expand educational opportunities and develop new learning technologies. These valuable partnerships connect YMU students with information and educational resources. If you are interested in becoming a YMU Educational Partner we would love to connect with you!

YMU gave David important foundational skills in all instruments. His mom and I were aware of his fascination to play piano. But it was with YMU where David first sang publicly, which showed us his singing voice and his love of live performance. While enrolled at YMU, David picked up his first drumsticks, bass guitar, and electric guitar, setting the stage for years of education at YMU and elsewhere on all of those instruments, as well as several others. It is safe to say that without The Young Musician's University, much of David's potential would not have been identified and he would not be the musician he is today.

Dean, YMU Parent

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