Our mission is to provide your child the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn through the arts in a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment! 

Our goal is to foster confidence and creativity in our students by providing them with the tools to become successful individuals. We inspire students to become well-rounded individuals, in addition to great musicians. We believe that the disciplines of learning an art form become evident in the character of our students. We teach them that the transformation begins with them!

The arts and youth program development has played a vital role in the overall direction of YMU. Raising awareness of the importance of music and arts education is a priority and is made possible through collaborations with youth-serving organizations, individuals, and businesses.

We believe in educating our students and providing a firm musical foundation. With over 19 years of experience, we've developed a progressive music curriculum called YMU Music Essentials that provide students opportunities to learn through sight-reading, ear training, music theory, music history, technique, transcription, arranging, composition, improvisation, production, and performance.
Whether your child is learning locally, enrolled in a self-paced course, or receiving online instruction, our instructors are well versed in knowledge and performance with a strong commitment to the mission of YMU! We are committed to providing each student with an experience that will last them a lifetime!