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The YMU Collective is our online magazine. Students participating in this elective learn what it takes to design, interview, write articles, and publish a digital magazine.

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Music Journalism Elective Curriculum Includes

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Skills Students Learn

Students participating in The YMU Collective can apply to become official "Press" members of YMU. They attend local shows and concerts, interview artists, and help with the publication of The YMU Collective.

Ages: 7-18

Writing and Communication Skills

By writing articles and working with their peers, students develop their writing skills and learn how to communicate their ideas effectively.

Research Skills

Students learn how to conduct research and gather information from a variety of sources, including books, articles, and interviews. They can also learn how to evaluate the reliability and credibility of the information they find.

Digital Skills

Students learn how to navigate and use digital tools for content creation, and understand the basics of multimedia content. 


Students gain leadership skills, such as delegation, decision-making, and organization. By learning about running an online magazine, develop their leadership skills and learn how to lead a team effectively.


Introduction to Journalism

  • Overview of what journalism is

  • Why is journalism important

Different Types of Journalism and Basic Principles

  • Investigative journalism

  • News journalism 

  • Opinion writing

  • Understanding objectivity, accuracy, and fairness

Basic Writing Skills

  • How to edit and revise your own writing

  • How to give and receive feedback 

  • Common grammar and punctuation errors to avoid

  • Strategies for conducting interviews and gathering information

Writing Headlines

  • Understanding the importance of writing attention-grabbing headlines

  • Techniques to capture the reader's attention

Multimedia Journalism

  • Introduction to multimedia journalism, including photography, video, and podcasting

  • The importance of multimedia storytelling

These are just some of the elements your child can experience in The YMU Collective!

The YMU Collective Elective Classes provide real-world experience through project-based learning by actively participating in the publication of The YMU Collective. Students apply the skills and knowledge learned in the course to produce a comprehensive music journalism project, such as an album review, artist profile, or writing feature stories for the online magazine.

YMU gave David important foundational skills in all instruments. His mom and I were aware of his fascination to play piano. But it was with YMU where David first sang publicly, which showed us his singing voice and his love of live performance. While enrolled at YMU, David picked up his first drumsticks, bass guitar, and electric guitar, setting the stage for years of education at YMU and elsewhere on all of those instruments, as well as several others. It is safe to say that without The Young Musician's University, much of David's potential would not have been identified and he would not be the musician he is today.

Dean, YMU Parent

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