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The Writers Room is a collaborative space where students collaborate to write, arrange, record, and produce songs. They also learn how to craft songs through songwriting techniques and applied music theory. 

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Songwriting Elective Curriculum Includes

Skills Students Learn

Students increase their songwriting skills by learning how to write lyrics and melodies that fit together to create a cohesive and effective song.

Ages: 7-18

Self-Expression and Confidence

Songwriting can be a powerful form of self-expression, and The Writers Room encourages students to find their unique voices and develop confidence in their creative abilities.


Working with others is an important aspect of songwriting, and The Writers Room teaches students how to communicate their ideas effectively and work collaboratively with other musicians.

Performance Skills

Students will have opportunities to perform their songs and receive feedback from others, which can help improve their overall performance skills.

Creative Problem-Solving Skills

Writing a song is a creative process that requires problem-solving skills, and The Writers Room elective classes teach students how to overcome creative challenges and find new solutions to problems.


Introduction to Songwriting

  • What is a song?

  • Different song structures

  • Basic elements of songwriting (melody, harmony, lyrics)

  • Industry-specific career exploration

Writing Lyrics

  • Types of lyrics (storytelling, emotional, descriptive)

  • Writing techniques (rhyme, meter, repetition)

  • Song Structure

Crafting Melodies and Arranging

  • Importance of melody in a song

  • Techniques for crafting melodies (scale, rhythm, repetition)

  • Arranging a song for different instruments

Collaboration and Performance

  • The benefits of collaboration in songwriting

  • Working with other songwriters and musicians

  • Preparing a song for performance

Recording and Mixing

  • Basic recording techniques 

  • Introduction to online recording software

These are just some of the elements your child can experience in the Writers Room!

The Writers Room provides songwriting techniques and collaboration opportunities, students learn a range of skills that are valuable for creating and collaborating on music projects. They gain knowledge of the music industry, song structure, and musical genres. Additionally, they learn the skills of writing and composing music, including melody, harmony, and rhythm. Students also learn how to collaborate with others and how to give and receive constructive feedback. They develop their communication and interpersonal skills, which are essential for working in a group setting. Moreover, they gain experience in using technology to create and record music, which is essential in today's digital age. 

YMU gave David important foundational skills in all instruments. His mom and I were aware of his fascination to play piano. But it was with YMU where David first sang publicly, which showed us his singing voice and his love of live performance. While enrolled at YMU, David picked up his first drumsticks, bass guitar, and electric guitar, setting the stage for years of education at YMU and elsewhere on all of those instruments, as well as several others. It is safe to say that without The Young Musician's University, much of David's potential would not have been identified and he would not be the musician he is today.

Dean, YMU Parent

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