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Are you ready to unlock a lifetime love of music? Whether you are exploring through our online music library, participating in a collaborative music project, creating music in our online recording studio, participating in a virtual field trip, or improving your musicianship through interactive online courses or demonstration clinics and workshops, The Young Musician’s University is a virtual space where you can thrive and discover your passion for music!

Student Benefits

Student Led Record Label

The YMU Advantage

Self-Paced Elective Courses

A Safe Online Environment 

Virtual Field Trips

Online Community

The YMU Campus

Group or Private Online Music Instruction

Easily Accessible on your Device

Online Recording Studio

Virtual Media Suite

Monthly Digital Magazine

Virtual Practice Room

Workshops and Clinics

Eartraining Center

Earn YMU Bucks Redeemable at YMUnation

Performance Opportunities

Collaborative Music Projects

Music Competitions

Collaborative Games

Virtual Movie Nights

Virtual Student Lounge

Compose Music


YMU Merch Store

Virtual Performance Center

Play or Sing in a Band

Virtual Music Library


At YMU we believe you can do anything you put your mind to. Our mission is to inspire you and provide the tools necessary for your growth and development. We not only want you to increase your ability as a musician but be the best you that you can be! Remember, learning an instrument can be challenging at times, but with commitment and perseverance you can achieve every goal that you set for yourself! At The Young Musician's University, it's our hope that you will learn new things, explore your artistic ability, share your creativity and connect with other like-minded musicians. The change begins with you!

"I have always been an avid music lover and find joy in playing the piano. I have been a part of YMU for 3 years and love working with the amazing teachers. Ms. Kierra has really taught me how to do things I never thought I could do in life. I started with singing but figured out I loved the piano much more. I hope one day, with the amazing things I’ve learned and will learn in the future, I will be able to study it more in high school and college and get a degree in music. I really love being part of the YMU family and learning new things."

Kylee, YMU Student

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