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YMU Music Journalism Student Reviews the Broadway Play Annie

Written By: Kylee Otto, YMU Music Journalism Student

The Broadway musical Annie is making its way through the U.S. and recently stopped in Columbia, South Carolina. The show took place at The Koger Center for the Arts.

From the exceptional production to the incredible performers, the play truly spoke for itself. Each actor gave a captivating performance that left you completely immersed in the storyline. The musical numbers struck you with waves of emotion, and despite this not being a sad musical, you might shed a few tears.

My favorite performance overall would have to be by Stefanie Londino, who plays the iconic Ms. Hannigan. Her theatrics, interpretation, and comedic effect gave the show a natural energy that was downright entertaining. If you need a dose of optimism or even a hearty laugh, this show is the perfect way to get some.

After the show, I met with Ms. Jennifer Christina, pianist and Associate Music Director for Annie. Her energy and personality were so genuine, and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to have a conversation with her. If you ever get the opportunity to see Broadway's Annie, you will be in for a phenomenal experience!

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