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Here are some ways YMU is different from traditional music lessons or just learning music online

YMU offers a unique learning experience that combines the best of both worlds - the convenience and accessibility of online learning with the personal touch of one-on-one instruction. Here are a few key ways that YMU stands out:

  1. As a YMU Student, your child will be able to attend clinics, workshops, and other special events held in our YMU Performance Center, Symphony Hall, or Crescendo Lounge. They will also be able to share their work with YMU Play and much more! These elements shape the culture of YMU as our students develop a firm musical foundation that will last a lifetime.

  2. Innovative Curriculum: Our curriculum is designed to be engaging and relevant, with a focus on practical skills that students can use in the real world. We also offer elective classes like Music Journalism and Music Production that provide students with unique opportunities to explore their interests and gain valuable skills.

  3. Collaborative Learning: At YMU, we believe that music is a collaborative art form. Our students have the opportunity to work with other musicians, participate in music competitions, and contribute to our student-run magazine, The YMU Collective.

  4. Convenient and Flexible: YMU's online platform makes it easy for students to learn from anywhere at any time. Our hours of offering music lessons are from 9am-7pm, which provides flexible scheduling options. This makes it easy for busy students and parents to fit music lessons into their schedules.

  5. Supportive Community: YMU is more than just a music school - it's a community of passionate music educators, students, and their parents. We provide our students with ongoing support and encouragement, and we celebrate their achievements every step of the way.


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