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‘From The Start’ by Laufey – A new feeling on a timeless perspective

While this song may initially feel like a classic love song, it is a confession of unrequited love. “From The Start”, released May 11, 2023, is a new single by the talented Icelandic singer-songwriter, Laufey.

Photography by Jack Alexander

Laufey is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Since she was young, she always had a special connection to music. Her mother is a classical musician and played for the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. She is one of Laufey’s inspirations and kindled her love for music. Laufey began playing the piano at age four and later played the cello at age eight.

As she grew up, she discovered her fondness for jazz music through listening to artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole. Although she was acquainted with classical music as a child, she combined her passion for classical and jazz, paving her way. Later she studied at Berklee College of Music, a premier, private music institute. She debuted in 2020 with her single, “Street By Street”, amid COVID-19.

Although the pandemic would have delayed her debut, she beat all odds and released her single, alongside producer Devin King. Due to the university shutting down, she started using social media to promote her music. Her social media accounts (Instagram and Tiktok) gained considerable followers.

“I think that, in many ways, some sort of music didn’t sound like it was from our time was very compelling- it brought you to a new world. One that wasn’t plagued by COVID-19. So, after that I continued posting and it started rolling and it was really cool.”

~ Laufey

In 2020 and 2021, she became a tremendous hit with her first EP, Typical Of Me. She was even recognized by famous mainstream artists Willow Smith and Billie Eilish. When her first album, Everything I Know About Love, was released, she became an even bigger sensation. She has also collaborated with London’s Philharmonia Orchestra to release “Let You Break My Heart Again”, along with artists including Dodie (“Love to Keep Me Warm”) and Adam Melchor (“Love Flew Away”). She has become exceptionally popular with her music and social media platforms.

Photography by Blythe Thomas

Her new single, “From The Start”, has garnered much attention in the last couple of months. This song reveals a matter of unrequited love and a feeling of yearning for something more, even if you can’t have it.

Unrequited, terrifying

Love is driving me a bit insane

Have to get this off my chest

I’m telling you today

She tells about wanting the other person to notice her feelings, but they don’t see her efforts.

Don’t you notice how

I get quiet when there’s no one else around

Because of this, it shows us that she may never receive the same feelings, but she keeps on trying, and it causes her much pain.

Oh, the burning pain

Listening to you harp on 'bout some new soulmate

She wants to be with her love interest, but her feelings aren’t shared. She tries to make them notice her attempts, but unfortunately doesn’t achieve her goal.

Photography by Rachel Lipsitz

“From The Start’ is a bossa nova-inspired song about being in love with your best friend… who is in love with someone else. I wrote the song to create a playful mix of old sounds with modern lyrics.”

~ Laufey

Overall, this song has brought a new perspective to Laufey’s discography, but still fits into her overall message of being a hopeless romantic. “From The Start” has been a tremendous hit since its release, and though it hasn’t garnered much mainstream attention, her fans love the single. It’s even charted 22nd on the New Zealand Charts and has acquired much attention on the Spotify charts. Recently, Laufey has also begun a tour around Asia, Australia, and America with this release.

If you are somebody with secret, prolonged feelings for someone special, yearning to tell them the truth, this song is for you. In my initial listen, I noticed the unique and sentimental lyrics and how the instrumental gave me a feeling of dissatisfaction, which left me empathetic. Her lyrics

Don't you notice how

I get quiet when there's no one else around?

grabbed my attention, and I could immediately sense her shy interest. Her expert craftsmanship also came across with...

...when I talk to you,

Oh Cupid walks right through.

And shoots an arrow through my heart

Each part of this song spurred a new glance into a tale as old as time.

Photography by Blythe Thomas

Make sure to check out Laufey's single, "From The Start", and more of her content!

Written by Kylee Otto, YMU Music Journalism Student


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