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YMU Flex Beta Course
Early Childhood Piano Program
Ages 4-6



Introducing Little Music Essentials YMU Flex piano course designed for students ages 4-6. This self-paced course allows students the flexibility of taking it at their own pace and schedule without attending live weekly scheduled classes. Each lesson is progressive and includes interactive learning content that keeps students engaged.


We use an award-winning curriculum comprised of singing, dancing, and ear training to foster your child's love for music!


With imaginative instruction and fun interactive games, your child will gain new skills through music exploration as they learn to play the piano.

homeschool beta enrollment
now open

This 12-week YMU Flex Beta Course includes a waived Annual Registration Fee of $50 and 60% off the normal YMU Flex tuition of $55/month at a discounted rate of $22/month.

This offer is currently only open to homeschool families who would like their child to go through our 12-week Little Music Essentials YMU Flex Piano Course for students between the ages of 4-6. 

We ask that as a participant, you agree to complete a survey providing us with feedback about your experience mid-way and at the conclusion of the Little Music Essentials YMU Flex Course. If at the conclusion you decide that you would like your child to continue we will honor the $22/month tuition for the remainder of your child's journey through the course.

This does not include the cost of the piano books. You can choose to order digital or physical books. The cost of the books averages $25 depending upon your purchase option. We will send you information on how to purchase your child's materials upon enrollment. Your child will need access to a piano or keyboard for this course.

This offer is only available to a limited number of homeschool families living in the US.
*We may ask for homeschool verification.

*If you are not a homeschool parent, please fill out our
contact us form if you would like to join our waiting list to be notified of other YMU opportunities.

Monthly Tuition: $22 (60% off)
Homeschool Students Ages 4-6
Skill Level: Beginner
Duration: 12-Week YMU Flex Course
Materials Not Included
Requirement: Piano or Keyboard

Parental Commitment to Provide Feedback

Little Music Essentials Online Self-Paced Piano Course for Toddlers ages 4-6

Little Music Essentials Online Self-Paced Piano Course for Toddlers ages 4-6