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Serving Grades 2nd - 8th
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Enjoy more quality time with your children!

At YMU Music & Arts After-School Academy, we maximize your child’s afternoons so your family can spend stress-free evenings together.

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Transportation Provided

Afternoon Snack

Homework Assistance

Music and Art Instruction

Better Quality Time at Home

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Serving students in 2nd-8th grade

Now your child can get homework assistance* from our Academic Coaches, an afternoon snack, participate in music classes, and all the added benefits of the arts all in one dynamic after-school experience! We help cut down extra travel time to other after-school activities and having to assist your child with homework after a long day's work, so that you can spend this valuable time engaged as a family.

*Parents can also opt-in for homework completion.

YMU Music and Arts After School Program Northeast Columbia, SC

YMU was the after-school music program that David attended for 2-3 years in Elementary School that introduced bass guitar, electric guitar, drumming, and vocal lessons to his repertoire. Previously, we only thought of David as this obsessive pianist. Then, YMU not only put the other instruments in David's hands but also put him as a featured vocalist in front of 200+ people (including us). That moment changed everything when Angela and I realized that David not only could sing much better than we knew but was able to do so publicly without any anxiety. From there, YMU gave him several additional opportunities to sing and perform various instruments publicly with YMU before he moved on to Middle School, where he went on to win the Dent Middle Talent Show in 6th grade, the MVP for Dent Chorus for 7th grade, and of course, you know the rest of the story with our little band. To date, DV&C has earned over $16,000 and performed 45 times at 15 unique venues, performing over 250 different songs for over 8,000 people. Additionally, prior to 2018, David also performed publicly without pay at another 30 events at 20 other venues, performing approximately other 100 songs for another 8,000 people. Those are some pretty impressive numbers. And none of that would have been possible without YMU getting the ball rolling. So, if you have a budding young musician, think YMU. Tembi and Bevis Gray, the owners, are really high-quality people that will be great partners for your children on their journey.

YMU Music and Arts After School Program Northeast Columbia, SC


YMU gave David important foundational skills in all instruments. His mom and I were aware of his fascination to play piano. But it was with YMU where David first sang publicly, which showed us his singing voice and his love of live performance. While enrolled at YMU, David picked up his first drumsticks, bass guitar, and electric guitar, setting the stage for years of education at YMU and elsewhere on all of those instruments, as well as several others. It is safe to say that without The Young Musician's University, much of David's potential would not have been identified and he would not be the musician he is today.

Dean, YMU Parent

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